Wednesday, September 16, 2020

1 Corinthians Fall 2020 - Lessons & Homework

If you missed a week of WOW or would like to listen to one of the 1 Corinthians lectures again, simply click the links below to catch up. The reading, worksheets, and homework are now available online as well.

November 16

November 9
Lesson 9: Paul on the Race of Life - Run to Win! (Listen)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Same as last week)
Chapter 9 (Read)

November 2
Lesson 8: It's Not About Us (Listen)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 11/9)
Chapter 8 (Read)

October 26

October 19
Lesson 6: Do You Not Know? (Listen)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/12)
Chapters 5-6 (Read)

October 12

October 5
Lesson 4: Grow Up! Put Out! Fit In! (Listen)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/12)
Chapter 3 (Read)

September 28

September 21
Ukraine Introduction Audio (Listen)

September 15
Lesson 1: Introduction (Listen)
Overview of 1 Corinthians
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 9/21)

Monday, June 15, 2020

Fall Class: First Corinthians

FALL CLASS: I CORINTHIANS “The Church in the World!” 
Begins Mondays, September 14 thru November 2 at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, 3317 Rea Road, Charlotte. To register or if you have questions, write Annette at

Peace during this time—Our GOD Reigns!

Alison K Littauer

Summer Reading List - 2020

Jerry Bridges
The Joy of Fearing God
The Pursuit of Holiness

Rosario Butterfield
The Gospel Comes with a House Key
The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (powerful!)

**Jonathan Edwards
Life and Diary of David Brainerd
A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections
(His bio is called “Jonathan Edwards: A Life” Marsden)

A Seeking Heart

Tim Keller
Walking with God through Pain and Suffering (****!)
On Birth, On Death, On Marriage ( a 3-pack that is brand new/slim volumes)
The Meaning of Marriage

Beth Moore 
Breaking Free (Isaiah!)

**Andrew Murray

David Platt

**Hannah W. Smith
The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

**A. W. Tozer
The Knowledge of the Holy
The Pursuit of God
The Pursuit of Man

**Dallas Willard
The Divine Conspiracy

GraceLaced, Ruth Simons (beautiful to look at AND to read )
*Valley of Vision, (Lenten Prayer Book!) Edited by Bennett (praying like the Puritans) 1982, Banner of Truth Trust.
*Hearts Aflame : Prayers of Susanna, John and Charles Wesley, Ed McMullen.
Days of Praise & Days of Prayer. Ruth Myers,
**My Utmost for His Highest. Oswald Chambers,

Monday, January 13, 2020

Isaiah Spring 2020 Lessons & Homework

If you missed a week of WOW or would like to listen to one of the Isaiah lectures again, simply click the links below to catch up. The reading, worksheets, and homework are now available online as well.

March 24
Lesson 19: Easter Meditation (Listen)
Chapters 51-53 (Read)
Outline (Study)

March 2
Lesson 18: The God on Whom We Wait (Listen)
Chapters 49-50 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 3/16)

February 24
Lesson 17: Lessons from the Fall of Babylon (Listen)
Chapters 47-48 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 3/2)

February 17
Lesson 16: What Sovereignty Really Means (Listen)
Chapters 45-46 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 2/24)

February 10
Lesson 15: God is Doing a New Thing (Listen)
Chapters 43-44 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 2/17)

February 3
Lesson 14: The Value of God's Glory (Listen)
Chapters 41-43 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 2/10)

January 27
Lesson 13: Pinnacle of Poetry (Listen)
Chapters 38-39 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 2/3)

January 21
Lesson 12: Fitful Obedience (Listen)
Chapters 38-39 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 1/27)

January 13
Lesson 11: Peril & Promise (Listen)
Chapters 36-37 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 1/20)

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

WOW Resumes Monday, January 13


Happy New Year!

Ladies, welcome to 2020. This may be a very propitious year in God’s economy, and we want to be where HE IS WORKING! Of ALL the books in the canon, Isaiah gives us the BROADEST view of our Great God!

Consider this passage:

"Remember this, and stand firm~ Call this to mind~
I AM GOD, and there is No Other; I am GOD and there is NONE like me!
I declare the end from the beginning, saying.. I WILL accomplish ALL my purpose!”

(Isa 46) 

We’re going to unpack this and many other awesome passages on the sovereignty of God. Don’t you want to know the purposes of God? (Wow) We’ll move through Isaiah’s Book of the Servant & the Book of the Conqueror, all detailing the promises of Christ & God’s rescue of Judah. (this fall we tackled the Book of the King).

Join women from more than 15 area Charlotte churches to fellowship and “Dig Deep” into the character of Our God.

With anticipation of ALL that a New Year holds,

Dr A

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Catch up on the Isaiah Lessons

If you missed a week of WOW or would like to listen to one of the Isaiah lectures again, simply click the links below to catch up. The reading, worksheets, and homework are now available online as well.

December 2
Lesson 10: Our Exile and His (Listen)
Chapters 34-35 (Read)
Outline (Study)

November 18
Lesson 9: The Lord Our Foundation (Listen)
Chapters 32-33 (Read)
Outline (Study)

November 12
Lesson 8: The God Who Waits (Listen)
Chapters 30-31 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 11/18)

October 28
Lesson 7: Oracles Part 3 - Cities of Destruction & Hope (Listen)
Chapters 17-21 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 11/11)

October 21
Lesson 6: Oracles Part 2 (Listen)
Chapters 17-21 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/28)

October 14
Lesson 5: The Day of the Lord (Listen)
Chapters 13-16 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/21)

October 7
Lesson 4: Flyover! Judgment and Hope (Listen)
Chapters 8-12 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/14)

September 30 
Lesson 3: The Holiness of our Awesome God. (Listen)
Chapters 6-7 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 10/7)

September 23
Lesson 2: Prelude to Conflict. (Listen)
Chapters 1-5 (Read)
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 9/30)

September 16 
Lesson 1: The Sovereignty of God Revealed. (Listen)
Overview of Isaiah
Curriculum Calendar
Outline (Study)
Homework (Due 9/23)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Fall is Coming

Monday evenings, September  16 - December 2 at 6:45 p.m. at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.

LADIES: FALL IS COMING! With all its particular challenges and joys.  The women of WOW are  launching into our deepest study yet~ Isaiah, the greatest of the major Biblical Prophets.

Some bullet points as to “why ISAIAH” and what it will bring to your spiritual life/home/walk of faith:

  • Themes of Isaiah are the Holiness & Sovereignty of God ~ are there areas where you need a “higher view”  of God’s careful watchcare over ALL your life events? (check ISA 40)...
  • Impatience & Anxiety are both addressed by the fact that Our Sovereign God is IN CONTROL (Isa 46:10)
  • COMFORT is another theme of Isaiah~ does your heart need comforting by the Great Shepherd?
  • Immoral lifestyle, governments & societies abound in 2019… how shall we view God’s plan for ALL nations? Isaiah addresses this..

Just to whet your appetite! In addition, WOW focuses on fellowship w/other sisters in Christ from a variety of denominations, and small-group accountability.

Here’s our Year Verse, Class~ can you commit it to memory?

Trust in the LORD Forever, for the Lord GOD is an everlasting rock.
—Isaiah 26:3,8

WOW RESUMES Monday evening, Sept 16 at 6:45 p.m. for refreshments & registration. We will meet Monday evenings until December 2.

We meet at Good Shepherd Presbyterian, 3307 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC. We end by 8:30 p.m.